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Inflammation. What is that?

Inflammation. What is that?

So you’ve heard that it’s “bad”, but what even IS inflammation!?

Have you ever slept for eight hours and still woke up tired? Do you fall victim to seasonal allergies? Is there any autoimmunity present like eczema or arthritis? Do you ever have days where you just cannot think straight?

That’s inflammation.

Inflammation will steal your energy, because your body has to spin it’s wheels all day long just to dissipate this toxicity. Think about when you are slammed at work. You’re going hard all day long just to stay afloat, just to get by. Think about when your work load lightens up. You free up time, energy, and resources to work on new projects and tie up loose ends that have fallen by the wayside. Your cells feel the same way. When you begin to get inflammation under control, amazing things start to happen. Skin clears up, the whites of your eyes get brighter, you have more energy, you are more productive, your outlook becomes more positive, the little piece of pollen in the air no longer impacts you – Because now your cells are AVAILABLE, to do their jobs. Life is good.

So what causes inflammation?

Common Allergens. These are foods that effect most people, in varying degrees. These allergens include dairy, grains (gluten AND non gluten containing grains), legumes (beans), soy, industrial seed oil (think canola oil), added sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.

How do I start to control inflammation?

Start with breakfast. Focus on making this meal allergen free. Make it a clean, balanced meal including a source of protein, fat, veggies, and (carbohydrates if you’re working out later). This could look like eggs (protein) cooked in coconut oil (fat) with some chopped kale (veggies). Or it could be chicken (protein) with avocado (fat) and tomato (veggies) sliced on top. Try not to limit yourself to “typical breakfast foods”. Who says you can’t eat steak and salad for breakfast? Once you’ve got this meal down, to the point that it has become your new normal, and not something that you have to think about so much, move onto lunch, then tackle dinner.

Start paying attention to the benefits in how you look, feel, and perform!