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This is the life changing magic of getting healthy: your food, your fitness, your daily habits, what you take in, and what you give out. Erica is an awe-inspiring coach whose razor sharp vision will give you a new take on your world, so you can choose the life you really want to live. Life Meets Health is the path to a healthier, smarter, more efficient, and happier you.


jaredErica is an absolute pleasure to work with; her structured and comprehensive approach to health and wellness goes beyond the obvious, “let’s make a plan for you” and extends to all areas of your life. From adjusting your sleeping habits, to incorporating meditation, to setting obtainable nutritional goals. When Erica works with you, she is working to benefit your total well-being. Erica creates a consistent and always available level of communication; your daily food logs will keep you honest, uncover unconscious habits, and solicit Erica’s smart and surgical wisdom on how to improve – day-by-day, meal-by-meal. Her openness to being communicated with means you are never alone in a grocery store, at a restaurant, or in choosing a snack when you feel like only red jelly beans will do (they won’t – she’ll suggest nuts…). She also is very much looking at the holistic approach and will ask you to think about larger existential questions – What are your life goals? What is the “why” behind everything you are doing? Are you present when you are making that choice? – which helps put your habits and choices into perspective. Personally and with conviction, I can say I am seeing tremendous results after just 10 weeks of working together; I have discovered a new way of eating, a new way of behaving in my daily life, and I am loving the results. I see this as the start to a much longer journey, and I’m grateful Erica got me started and is my biggest cheerleader along the way.


MeadI hired Erica to be my health coach, and haven’t looked back since. Her uncanny ability to create positivity out of even the bleakest of scenarios, her willingness to hold you accountable for your goals (no matter how big or small), and her joyous outlook on life are all so infectious. Her knowledge in both fitness and nutrition makes her insight to problem solving and action setting a wicked combination, and I have never been able to see as clearly through my problems as I can now, because of what she has taught me. Erica has dedicated her time, effort and heart to help me not just fix my problems in the here and now, but has helped me develop the habits necessary to beat my cycles in the future. Hiring Erica to be my health coach has been the best decision I’ve ever made!


MattI’ve struggled with bulking up at the gym. My metabolism works very fast. My family has a history of high cholesterol and I am cautious about eating, so I was rarely consuming enough food or the right kinds of food to put on any muscle mass. My workouts were low energy and I began to lose motivation. I adopted a negative “I can’t” attitude about health and fitness, and that insecurity bled into much of my life and work.

Erica has helped me build a personalized plan for eating and approaching training, but more importantly, she has helped me shift my mindset to be more positive and to realize I can accomplish my goals, both at the gym and in my life. Her positivity is infectious and I have felt supported and motivated every step of the way. It hasn’t been about a crash diet or workout plan, but rather, laying the foundation bit by bit and equipping me with the tools to make healthy living easy.



I can’t say enough good things about the Life Meets Health program and Erica! She helped me improve my life in so many ways through her support and positive attitude. I find myself looking forward to every day and having more hope for the future.

Erica is one of the most patient and kind people I know. She consistently supports in a non-judgmental and compassionate way. It’s nice to know that even if I took two steps back she was standing next to me when I did.

I highly recommend this program – It has given me structure with my eating and exercising habits, which in turn has given me the freedom and improved health to do what I want in my personal time.

I feel healthier and happier, as well as less guilty when I go off course. I am less hesitant about taking up other hobbies I only dreamed about doing, due to feeling healthier. The Life Meets Health program has given me a stronger mental and physical attitude to pursue all the things I once thought were impossible. Even if I have to work long hours at work, I feel less tired and less irritable.

The program has also helped me spiritually, as Erica has helped navigate the negatives holding back my mindset, and identify all of my positive traits. I didn’t think adding a more structured diet and internal reflection would do much, but I was wrong. I have a clearer set of goals for my future as well as enjoying the spontaneity of life and loving the small things in life. In short, I’m healthier now than I have ever been in my life. And I hope through Erica’s guidance and support to continue being this healthy into my old age.


The goal for me was not to overhaul my process, but to make realistic changes along the way, and make those changes part of my routine. Erica is a true subject matter expert providing education and consulting on a variety of topics including nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. She is truly dedicated to her clients and personally cares about your progress and wellbeing. Now I feel i have a foundation for myself and excited to continue building on it moving forward. I can’t thank her enough for her commitment to seeing me succeed throughout the program!



Despite the fact that I had a pretty good idea about what to eat and other general health things, I felt I needed someone to help me focus better, especially at this point in my life, while I’m trying to follow my dream and find a new job.

I’ve always felt that feeling good is a combination of things, and that food and exercise are definitely two big components, if not the backbone of it. This is why I decided to work with Coach Erica, and I have to say I am extremely happy about the decision.

Coach Erica is a wonderful and knowledgeable Health Coach and I find myself relying on her counsel more and more. I love how she is able to tailor the coaching to fit me, my lifestyle, my goals, but still be able to steer me in a different direction if need be. I always look forward to our meetings; I could easily talk with her for hours on end.  She simply inspires positive feelings in me.

I find her to be one of the easiest people to talk to and her ability to listen and give you her utmost attention is astounding.  For someone so young, her wisdom far exceeds her age. I love that she is also open to sharing her own journey and struggles, which makes her attempts to subtly nudge me in the right direction far more compelling and caring.

I would recommend her as a health coach for anyone at any age, whether you feel you need a complete overhaul or just gentle guidance, she is able to understand it and steer you through it almost without you noticing she’s doing it. She has vast knowledge of nutrition and fitness principles and she practices what she preaches. I will probably keep Coach Erica as my Health/Life/Crossfit Coach far beyond our 6 month initial contract.

Thank you Coach Erica!!!



andrewWorking with Erica has been a mind-opening, strength building, and discipline-instilling experience, and I would highly recommend her as a wise young sage who has the power to help anyone improve her or his life.  She won’t hold your hand, and she won’t crack the whip, but she will find a middle ground and push you to push yourself and re-examine every aspect of your lifestyle and maximize one’s potential.

I began working with Erica at the suggestion and recommendation of my sister, who works with Erica weekly in New York City.  Because I live in upstate New York, Erica was willing to work with me over the telephone.  I had no idea what to expect, and even had some anxiety as to working with a “health coach”.  Now that we have worked together for just over three months, I realize that Erica has a genuine gift, and possesses a natural talent for guiding people to realize and reach their potential.  She is sincere and caring in her questions and comments about my lifestyle, listens well, and her recommendations cover every aspect of my lifestyle, such as diet, sleep patterns, and physical activity.

For instance, she gently guided me into a structure of regular sleep routine, a healthy, natural, whole foods diet, which forced me to consume more vegetables and proteins.  She has helped to wean me away from and off of packaged foods, and move in the direction of cooking and eating more balanced, natural foods. She is always open to and available for any questions, concerns, or issues I may have with anything related to the work we are doing together.

As for my sleep habits, before working with Erica, I would stay up too late, fall asleep reading books in bed, and awaken when I felt like it.  But now, thanks to her emphasis on establishing a regular, reasonable sleep routine, I prepare for sleep by winding down, shutting off any electronics, and reading before but not in bed.  As a result, I feel ready to sleep at a reasonable hour, and rested when I awaken, which is earlier, allowing me an earlier start to the day and more time to accomplish what I want throughout the day.

I have more energy throughout the day as well.  No small part of that is due to the specific exercise routine which Erica has set for me.  It started simply, gradually increasing in variety of exercises and repetitions, which has gradually increased my stamina, agility, and ability to maintain consistent energy levels through the day.

Additionally, Erica has pushed me to define and pursue my own values and goals; while I always assumed that I had some, I had never bothered to delineate or to define them. We are just beginning this step, and though it has challenged me to be concrete in terms of what I value and want to accomplish for myself, it has opened my eyes to aspects which I have taken for granted if not neglected in some ways over the years


kateWorking with Erica has been a fantastic experience.  Her incremental system makes change more productive and less intimidating.  Erica skillfully balances accountability and encouragement, creating a powerful incentive to embrace a happier, healthier you.


frankI worked with Erica from January 2016 to June 2016. My goal was to go down three pants sizes. Well I reached that goal within that time frame. During the process Erica was very motivating and positive in her approach.  She would always encourage me on how to keep up with the program.  I totally recommend this program to anyone that wants results in a healthy way.  I am now leaner and have much more energy than I ever had before!  Thank you Erica! 🙂



Erica has been instrumental in my journey through heathy eating and bettering myself! She has had such an impact on me. I have never let anyone in about my eating style and it was very difficult for me to open up to at first.

Throughout our sessions, Erica was always very considerate and a great listener. I never felt any judgement, and that made me feel more comfortable, allowing me to be really honest. I was able to share things that I had never shared with anyone else before.

At times I did give her a hard time, but she always came up with new, positive solutions. If one solution wasn’t working, she came up with another. What I valued the most, was that any solution she had in mind, she always asked for my input regarding it. No one is exactly alike, and I never felt like I was being targeted as a group, but only as an individual.

As I progressed through the program I started to become more aware of my choices and started to think more positive thoughts. I never realized the why behind my food choices and how negatively I felt towards myself. Awareness was something I lacked, but now I feel that I am finally in control over what I chose to eat and that food no longer has control over me.

Overall, Erica taught me so many life lessons about who I am and how my health has a HUGE impact on me. She made a difference to in my health, but also on my attitude towards life. I can honestly said, I have many positive things that I am doing now, and looking forward to continuing them in my future. For that I thank Erica!!!!


Working with Erica has been awesome.  She is not just knowledgeable, but she genuinely cares.  She always brings a positive attitude, and real enthusiasm for her work and the success of her clients.  She is always encouraging, and her advice is thoughtful and well communicated. I would recommend Erica to absolutely anyone.”


tashaI never thought I ate horribly. I don’t eat a lot of sweets despite being a pastry chef. The most sugar I eat likely comes from my yogurt. So one evening, a few months ago, I’m on the phone with my sister, Erica. Despite her CrossFit and Health Coaching profession, we rarely talk about nutrition or exercise unless I bring it up.

I’m wallowing that I feel like I’ve gained some weight since a recent career change. So she asks me what I have in my fridge. I didn’t have any produce in my fridge. Moreover, the majority of my grocery items were in my freezer or pantry. She simply said, “Eat greens every day.” The next day I went to the store and filled my cart with a bunch of vegetables, and some proteins. Took it home and meal prepped all of it.

I never feel “full,” bloated or sluggish after eating the way I used to. Now I just feel satisfied. Now I find myself craving a bowl of sautéed, crunchy broccoli; runny egg yolks with a bunch of coconut oil; now oranges fill my sweet tooth. With my sister’s knowledgeable, non-judgmental, and supportive approach, it really began to resonate: eat real food.

Not having it in the apartment makes me not want it. Erica encouraged me to surround myself with good choices; set myself up for success. Meal prep all good things and I found myself actually craving them. My “normal” food before, has become my “drunk” food now.

Erica gently nudged me to get active. I got cute sneakers, colorful tank tops and now look forward to going on awesome, hour long walks outside, listening to positive, inspiring people on a podcast or jamming to Bieber.

I am so motivated to continue because I feel so good. And when I feel good, I want more reasons to feel good. While I haven’t directly employed my sister as my health coach through Life Meets Health, I am fortunate to reap the benefits of her company on a regular basis.

It has been an upward spiral for me. Started with wanting to look better. That lead to feeling better, physically. Erica’s guidance also led me to more energy, self love, and gratitude, making me feel better emotionally. It’s been a matter of months and I have to actively try to remember the way I used to be. I started with something tangible, like physically taking better care of my body; baby steps, nothing life changing all at once. The side effects from that have led to so many other aspects of my life, and it wasn’t hard! And that is life changing.


Erica’s approach to healthy living is very holistic. Her approach is rooted in making substantive changes that a client will be able to adopt and keep for the long haul. There wasn’t a formula she used like a certain proportion of my diet should be a specific type of food; she didn’t prescribe already well-known diets (like Paleo or Whole30). Rather, she took her time to learn more about my behavior with food and health, identify areas where I knew I needed support, and then surfaced other areas of my behavior that perhaps I overlooked that’s impacting a healthy lifestyle. Looking at my diet through a behavioral lens rather than purely a food lens also allowed me (forced me?) to be honest with my interactions with food and how food and diet plays a role in my life.


arunMy lifestyle had been the poster child of living unhealthy. Eating whenever I want, whatever I want. Having a strong dislike for cooking home, salads or breakfast, partying late into the night, and then play video games till I pass out on the couch. Then a year ago I decided I had to change and started CrossFit to get into shape, and that’s where I met the amazing Erica.

Being the guy who used to be picked on the most during her class, I came to appreciate her discipline and high standards to make sure I get that squat right or don’t cheat on that pull up and go all the way. I learned about Life Meets Health when recovering after class one day, and thought “Why not? What do I have to lose?” One of the best decisions of my life.

I still remember the time when I tried making a juice for breakfast and put a whole avocado in and getting my blender stuck in a gooey mess. Erica has been very patient with me. She has fixed my eating habits, sleeping times, she even once went with me to Essen to pick out things that I could eat for a balanced lunch. My lifestyle has changed and it shows in the energy I have all day. I don’t need coffee anymore to keep me awake at work. The effects have been so obvious that people around me noticed the transformation before I did. I am glad that I went with my gut and tried the Life Meets Health program. I feel like I have found an amazing coach and a dear friend.



amberOh my gosh, the Life Meets Health program is fantastic! I love being able to further build upon the mechanisms I’ve been putting into practice the last few years. Just like any other skill, you’ve gotta put this whole self-care thing into vigorous practice to continue being good at it, you know? And having Erica there as my support system is HUGE for me and my growth. I do love this program.


Briefly, Erica is an amazing Health Coach.

Be it nutrition or physical health, she always has an answer. I struggled for a few years to understand my diet – she helped me ace it in months. The daily logs and personal sessions accelerated my focus towards my goals.

She worked with my food likings and preferences which made it easy for me to adapt to my new eating habits. She helped me stay positive, active all the time, and certainly helped me understand carbs, proteins and fats with regards to why, when, and how. She helped me eat right and rest right.

I wish I could express it in words, the true beauty and strength one can experience when they discover the capabilities of their bodies. But since I can’t express it, one will need to start off with Erica as she will help you understand this for sure…


I met with Erica for a one time session and I can certainly say she is very knowledgeable and meticulous in her health practice. It’s only been a week since then and I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time. It’s a struggle to adjust to the daily changes that she advised, but whenever I try to reach for the cheese (nooo! 😭), I remember all the things left to gain like better sleep, more focus on my career goals (yup) and no allergies 😅. You should work with her!


I am an elite athlete and was interested in taking my training to the next level in preparation for my upcoming football season when I decided to start working with a nutritionist.  After doing a bit of research, I learned that Erica came highly recommended and I was eager to begin this new journey with her.  The results were IMMEDIATE and OUTSTANDING.  After our initial consultation, Erica was able to start me on a nutrition program that not only affected me physically, but also psychologically.  The issues with sleep that I had been dealing with for years quickly subsided when Erica identified my nutritional deficits and counteracted them with appropriate foods, supplements, and meditation techniques.  As for the physical improvements, I saw a reduction in bloating within the first week of starting her program, and lost eight pounds by the end of the second week – weight that has continued to stay off now that I am at the conclusion of month three.  I cannot recommend Erica more highly.  She is personable, intelligent, a good listener, and is capable of taking her vast knowledge and breaking it down into actionable steps that yield desired results.  I am having a fantastic football season and am feeling a new level of overall health and power thanks to Erica and her program.


I started working with Erica during a transition period in my life; she made it such a positive experience and has helped me create changes in my life that I’ll carry with me forever. Erica is truly a triple threat: nutritionist, life coach, trainer. She helped me create a diet that I was comfortable with (since I have very specific dietary restrictions) and went above and beyond to research substitutes for supplements and protein for me. She answered questions with patience and was available to provide support all the time, ultimately giving me the tools to be successful in my health and fitness journey.


When I first came to Erica, I was riddled with bad, unsustainable habits (many of which I considered normal and healthy!) – which were resulting in low energy, first-time skin issues, unstable weight, poor sleep quality and heightened anxiety. I was overworking myself in all ways possible – my career, my wellness routine, etc. – and not replenishing myself adequately in return.

Erica helped me cut through the noise to begin identifying cause and effect in my life, and implementing small actionable steps that continue to lead me closer to my goals. Her program is 100% customized based on your needs and goals. It’s easy to forget how crucial the simple things like self-awareness, mindfulness sleep and water are to our health, but after working with Erica, I realized how important (and how difficult) it can be to prioritize those items. Her calm, easy going demeanor will never leave you feeling judged (which unfortunately some do encounter in the health & wellness space.) Instead, she helps you embrace your weaknesses and turn them into strength. My 6 months with Erica changed a lot within me, and left me ready to continue facing my journey more mindfully than ever before.


I had no idea how to eat before working with Erica! I’d been sick for ten plus years and I’d become allergic to almost 30 different foods. I couldn’t find a way to be healthy, eat to survive and meet my fitness goals. I was struggling getting up every day, had no idea what to eat because everything made me sick. I was always tired and had brain fog. Erica, knew exactly where to start, we immediately removed food items, set a schedule and my journey began to find my normal again! I now understand how to eat, why I’m eating certain things and I understand what my body needs! Erica helped me solve problems that doctors couldn’t most of my life. The simple fact was, the fuel I was taught to consume, my body couldn’t tolerate. I was tired, sluggish and couldn’t figure out how to live in my own body! Without Life Meets Heath, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Healthy and able to understand how to keep my normal eating, exercise and balancing life. Thank you Erica!!


There has been many times in my life that I have tried to lose weight and it always started with throwing out all the junk food, eating stale rice cakes and jumping on the elliptical for an hour every day. Then I’d get sick of it and binge junk food and be back in the same boat, Erica showed me a whole new way to live my life, not to diet.

Erica showed me all the different parts to your health. She didn’t give me a crazy workout routine or said I can only eat 250 calories for this meal or that, we started with my sleeping health, my mental health and then went into food and exercise. She allowed me to set the pace while encouraging me to try new things and to LISTEN to my body!

Once you reach a state where your body is happy and everything is aligned (sleep, food, mental, work, etc) your body will love you and you will love it! AND if you struggle and “relapse” you realize that the aches and pains you had is all related to your food and not because you live in a 5th floor walk-up. You realize that your body is speaking to you (yelling sometimes lol) that the fuel (food) that it is receiving is not adequate.

Do not be fooled! I am not writing this as I sip an ice water after a run, I write this as I know I am still working on my overall health. This can be a hard process but Erica makes it a positive learning experience and not a torturous one.

I would not have been able to change myself mind, body and soul without her incredibly positive reassurance and amazing detailed knowledge about the body.  

So thank you so much!! I will carry what you taught me forever and I will always implement it within my life and the lives of those I care about. xxoxx

– Aubrey