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Just Get Started!

Just Get Started!

When it comes to implementing a new, healthy habit, getting started is the toughest part. I’m all for setting massively audacious goals, however, the assumption that you will be able to go from zero to sixty out of the gate, is a delusion.

If the starting point is set too high, there will be too many barriers and getting started will be too daunting, ultimately prolonging you from ever taking the first step. 

What us instant gratification seekers need to wrap our heads around, is that small, incremental change, pays large dividends.

Too much too soon leads to a yo-yo cycle of all in or all out, ultimately never fully getting started moving towards whatever the goal is in the first place.

Putting in a measly 1% per day towards your goal, after 50 days, you’re half way there.

SO, give these small steps some respect. Make time to add in a walk today. Swap out a side of pasta for greens. Home cook that burger instead of ordering on Seamless. Have 3 beers instead of… 7.

It’s a basic law of physics: an object in motion stays in motion. Take a small, actionable step to get started, and let the momentum carry you from there!

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