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Honor Everything

Honor Everything

I talk a ton about becoming the healthiest version of yourself, because that’s what Life Meets Health is designed to help you do. Move metaphorically “forward” and become your best self.

What I talk less about, is honoring who you’ve been.
In my video regarding being nice to yourself (watch here), I reference the quote, “Who you are is a necessary step to who you will become.” (Emmanuel’s Book)And I say this as a means to not beat yourself up for instances when you fall off track with your new, healthy habits. Recognize what happened, learn from it, and move on.Something that I struggle with, is moving through these learning instances too quickly, and I often like to skip honoring and accepting my previous self.

A lot of milestones have occurred over the past few years for me. Now with the intensities of my life calming, I am managing life with more ease right now, and I’ve noticed that my bandwidth has expanded and that I have a newfound capacity and desire to help others. Although I’m finding this to be a positive shift, I notice myself judging myself, for being so self-obsessed in the past as I was moving through all of those milestones.

But the truth is, that’s what I had to do to become who I am becoming today. One of the most important elements that I coach my clients on is that you have to put your mask on first. You have to get all of your needs met before you can help others in a greater way.

In the Caroline Myss book The Anatomy of the Spirit, she walks through the stages of personal power:

  1. Revolution
  2. Involution
  3. Narcissism
  4. Evolution

After an initial revolution, followed by self-discovery, there is a period of narcissism where you have to work to develop the self.

I’m writing this for anyone else who is hard on themselves, to remind you to honor your past for what it’s taught you, and embrace that who you’ve been was a necessary step to who you’ve become.