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But WHY Are You Doing It?

But WHY Are You Doing It?

The basis of Life Meets Health is to #MakeHealthyYourNewNormal. In the beginning, there is a lot of “because Coach Erica says so.” I tell you want to do initially to begin to lay a solid foundation of physical health through prioritizing sleep, sound nutrition, and adequate exercise. Once inflammation starts to go down as you are giving your body what it needs to thrive, energy goes up, sleep and performance improves, you’re looking and feeling great. What will keep you going on this path to greater wellness?

Being connected to why you’re doing it.

From Day One, we start the process of goal setting. I need to know what your goals are, and more importantly, WHY you want them.

Connecting to the why behind any given goal will naturally generate motivation. Think about anything you’ve ever really wanted to do. Was it hard to motivate yourself to go do it? Are you gonna miss your favorite band in concert that you spent $100 on tickets for because it’s too cold out? Or postpone a date with someone you’ve been dying to go out with because the train ride is too long? Nah.

If we do not bring awareness to the WHY’s behind any given goal, we don’t know if you actually want that goal or if you arbitrarily chose it. If the WHY is because you think you should do it, you will eventually fall off during difficult times, because you’re not really connected to it.

Knowing WHY you are doing something, serves as an anchor when you are losing willpower. Just got home late from a long day at work, scrolling Seamless and that pizza is sounding goooood. What will keep you on track in choosing a healthy option that will allow you to feel your best in tomorrow morning’s 8am meeting? “Because Erica said so?” Maybe for a short while…. But what sounds more promising is “Because I want to be clear and focused because performing well in that meeting is going to open doors for my career. Or my personal life. Or give me the confidence that I’ve been struggling to find in the workplace.”

Take some time to reflect on the WHY behind any of your endeavors right now and watch how this simple practice helps to begin to propel you forward! In the case of not having a WHY, time to reevaluate the goal itself.

Interested in doing some in depth goal setting? Reach out!