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My Story

Hi I’m Erica, and this is my story.

Growing up on the East Coast, I did what I thought I was supposed to do. I succeeded in school, made friends, got a job. I spent years chasing after the usual pleasures that modern life offers. I thrived on constant entertainment, always looking for something to change my state; partying, working out, shopping, watching TV, overindulging in caffeine, searching for hobbies, eating when I wasn’t hungry, too closely identifying with my job, hammering out the to-do list, you name it.


I was preoccupied with the short-term satisfaction of my day-to-day, mistaking it for happiness.

This lifestyle kept me busy, but after the party was over, the laughing ended, the workout was finished, I still craved more. I tried to find it by doing more. A new job, new person, new adventure, experience, travel, on down the list. Continuously searching. But life was flat. And for years, I accepted that this was what it meant to be an adult: drink coffee to get through the monotony until you reach the weekend.

Then one morning, after my 26th birthday, I woke up, feeling empty, and I finally admitted to myself that it wasn’t working.

I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t living the life that I wanted for myself. I was excited about nothing and I hadn’t been in years.

That is when I realized what being truly healthy was all about. Becoming aware of fulfillment deficiencies, that we are, so often, too distracted to notice, in various aspects of our wellness, and filling them up.

I started to explore inward, cutting out the noise, eliminating distractions; Doing less. I threw a blanket over the TV and gave up caffeine. I spent less time checking social media and sending insignificant text messages. I stopped going to events that I wasn’t interested in. I stopped hanging out with people I didn’t really connect with.

I started to just be.

You could call it meditation, minus the sitting-cross-legged-while-levitating-on-a-pillow. I was learning to be by myself without the need for external stimulation. Once I got comfortable without the distractions, I was able to open myself up for greater realizations.

I watched as my life took off over the next few months. Everything started to transform. My relationships changed. I was more present and authentic. The right people embraced and encouraged it, and the rest didn’t matter.

My bad habits fell away.

I started to love myself. That sounds obvious, but I discovered what I had been missing, a deeper connection with myself. I got in tune. I started knowing what I needed, how I was feeling, what I wanted, at any given time. This self-awareness allowed me to begin living an intentional life – focusing on doing things that serve me and my values. There was no more room for the rest.

With this love came a newfound compassion for myself. Instead of relying on willpower to suppress bad habits, I began questioning destructive behaviors with empathy. I started to notice what was the real motivation(s) behind my choices. Exploring the Why?

This insight has laid the foundation for my health coaching. Decrease distraction, increase awareness, take action.

My goal is to make healthy the new normal.

Once you lay a solid foundation of physical health, giving you boundless energy, drive, mental clarity, and focus, all day, every day, you now have the capacity to accomplish your dreams.

My mission is to share my insights with those who are ready to thrive, not just survive, and in turn, create positive change in the world.